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Cantankerous Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

Danny makes an outlandish claim about songs that include whistling.  Brian finds a flaw in Danny's logic and they meet in the middle!  Brian tells about a time where he was almost an absolute creep.  It gets gross.  

Aug 21, 2019

Every male gynecologist is an absolute creep.  Brian's baby showed up and things got interesting.  Dr. Kelly decides which type of doctor he would be and we discuss Eddie Murphy making his return to standup on Netflix.  

Aug 15, 2019

Danny and Bglow would have gladly been on guard for Epstein's suicide watch! Why didn't we get the call?  We would have posted up with popcorn and sat in two lawn chairs outside his cell.  We are so happy to be back together and back to our usual grumpiness.  

Aug 7, 2019

To hold you over until we get back from our summer break, Bglow has put together a couple of his favorite segments from the podcast.