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Cantankerous Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Grab life by the giblets this week as we celebrate another Cantankersgiving.  Rub some squash all over your lady and get weird. Throw away that homemade cranberry sauce and take it in the Can! 
Happy Thanksgiving from Danny and Bglow

Nov 18, 2019

We hop in the creep mobile and venture down the dusty trail.  We learn a lot about life and Brian tells us about being sick at rehab.  Enjoy the ride along!

Nov 11, 2019

You know there's a time in your life when you looked down and saw someone's fat ankle meat spilling over the top of their New Balance.  A moment like that will stick with a person.  You think you've forgotten all about it until your two favorite grouches bring it up on a podcast and you are instantly brought back to...

Nov 4, 2019

This week we have comedian Derek Furtado in the Cantankerbus!  Derek is a writer, filmmaker, performer and all around hilarious human being.  It starts light, we talk about more Florida stores and then we have a meaningful conversation about his family situation that could be helpful to those of you that are navigating...